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Summer is coming.

Is your office, home or flat ready?


Do you want to stay cool when it is a scorcher outside? Get air conditioning installed.

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Then you will want to put the kettle on the boil and get comfortable and read up a bit about your AC and some things you can do to make your summer comfortable by learning 26 tips you can do yourself. If you are not a techie the advantages of having it done for you to make sure your Air Conditioning is up to the task.


The long winter is over and London and the rest of Britain is thawing after the bitter cold. As it, starts getting warmer all indications are that it will be a hot summer. It is a good time to think about getting cool. Air conditioning Installation and servicing is not something most people think about at this time of year as you are just getting use to seeing green on the ground instead of a white blanket of snow. But that is precisely the reason you should.

 Air Conditioning Installation Services

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air conditioning installation and service is a vital piece of home or office these days as the temperature climbs to ever higher heights with Global Warming. When was the last time you had your AC checked? Every year people neglect or put off having it done.


Later they come to regret it when they look at their cooling bill or when their home unit fails and the temps are at 38 degrees and the misuses is wanting to know what you are going to do about. It’s worse if you are a single man or woman as there is no one at home to ring up a service person or to take time off from work to wait for the Air Con Installers to come round to replace your dead or failing unit.


Fortuitously it is now simpler than ever to have your system checked or a worn out AC unit replaced with a new and more cost saving energy efficient one. New advances in the science of AC and technology make this a worthwhile option. The new systems can be now set to turn on before you arrive at your flat after work so you walk into a cool and comfortable home. This saves you a tremendous amount of money during the course of the year in a time of shrinking salaries and meeting you budget is a priority.


Air Conditioning System Installers

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The new system that your Air Conditioning Installers put in will be many times quieter than you old window model. That means peaceful and quite night’s sleep or being able to watch the football match on the telly, read, go online, finish some work from the office, or just fanny about and do nothing at all but sit back and relax.


Britain today enjoys one of the oldest and most modern of societies in the western hemisphere. You now have at your fingertips the ability to call on the service of vast number of Air Con companies that operate across all of length and breadth of the United Kingdom. But, there are a few things you can do up front to make sure your current Air conditioning is running right. Here are 26 tips for your consideration that you may want to print and keep about the house:

  1. On your window unit, check the window seal is not worn round the unit.

  2. Clean the drain tube, some units shut off if this is buggered up.

  3. Empty the water collection bin as it can also turn off your unit.

  4. Check your circuit breakers make sure they are on.

  5. Make sure the unit is plugged in.

  6. If your home or flat uses fuses. Replace them every few years as they weaken over time and sudden surges when the AC turns on may cause them to pop.

  7. Have a complete set of spare fuses on hand as well.

  8. Clean the air filter of dirt, check for mold, and soak the filter in a disinfectant.

  9. Replace removable filters on central units once a month.

  10. Rinse the filter and let dry to prevent fumes

  11. For centralized units check the duct work taping and make sure they are tightly sealed.

  12. Oil and grease the pulley of the drive motor and bearings

  13. Check the tension of the drive belt. Adjust if needed.

  14. Check the drive pulleys for wear and replace old or worn belts.

  15. On an out of doors central AC unit clear the cooling vanes of debris and leaves.

  16. Remove the covers and clear around the cooling coils.

  17. Check the cooling fan and clear out any obstructions.

  18. On dual heating cooling systems check to make sure it is set to cool instead of heat.

  19. Make sure the thermostat is working properly.

  20. Older thermostats may require the wax pellets to be replaced.

  21. Older thermostats may need to have the bimetallic strips replaced if worn out.

  22. Check all wiring cabling for wear.

  23. Put new batteries into remote control.

  24. Have a set spare batteries in a drawer where you can find them.

  25. Have the wiring and circuit plans near the central unit.

  26. Have the phone number of the firm that installed your system or the number of a certified

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You should also think about having a Spring Checkup by a certified, licensed and reputable Air Con service company. This service is often offered free of charge or at a nominal price. In addition to the tips mentioned above, they can perform additional checks:

  • Measure the blower output to see if it is correct.

  • Check coolant levels and top off safely and not to release any into the air.

  • Check cooling air at all vent outlets.

  • Check for air leaks on vents and seals

  • Replace worn seals (might be a fee here).

  • Check all belts and pulleys and oil bearing for you.

  • Important! Check your circuitry and wiring for proper operation and wear.

  • Calibrate your thermostat for accuracy.

  • Change the filters.


A trained and certified Air Con professional is experienced in making sure that your system is ready for the summer’s coming heat. They can also give you advice and show you the benefits and options of replacing your system especially if it is over 10 to 15 years old with a more cost saving one. You can then weigh the pros and cons at your leisure.

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Choosing an Air Conditioning Installation Company

A lot of people are under the impression that air conditioning installation is an easy task and that anybody can install an AC unit with minimal or no professional help at all. They don’t even consider their existing skillset. The fact of the matter is that you need the help of a professional installer or installation company because they know what to do and what not to do. For people outside this area of expertise, they don’t understand the immensity of the task that is installation of air conditioning units.

Whether you’re installing an AC unit for your residence or office, you may want to consider the following tips in choosing a company that will install the AC units:

  1. Experience is everything. You want to work with the company that knows what they’re doing because of how long they’ve been in the business. Everything, from the surveying to the installation, is second nature for them so the time it takes to install the units are relatively shorter than their competitors.

  2. They know their AC units. What good is installing an AC unit if you don’t know what you’re dealing with? The company you will be hiring needs to know the different kinds and brands of AC units and models available in the market today. this is because the models vary. They may look the same and work the same way, but they have a certain edge over their competitors. Some units are good at cooling than others, so you have to take this kind of knowledge into consideration when hiring a company.

  3. They will provide support and maintenance. What good is a company if they’re going to leave you hanging? A good installation company will provide maintenance and support via their warranties offered after the installation. Some will last for 6 months while there are others that last for a year.

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